DYSA Players Participate in Knowledge Bowl

Submitted by DOC on Tue, 04/13/2010 - 2:34pm

Hannah Robertson, member of the DYSA Inferno, tells us about Knowledge Bowl:

The official name of the competition is "Knowledge Bowl" and we have meets. It is a team competition. There can be anywhere from two to six people on a team, although you can only have four at most answering questions at one time. At Miller, there is one other DYSA kid (Maddie Robertson :) who participates all of the time, but Caroline and Elise Tidwell were there in the beginning of the year. At Escalante, Brooke Ellis is a member of their team. We do five or six Knowledge Bowl meets a year at various schools in the Cortez, Bayfield, Farmington, and Pagosa area and we also do two computerized tests known as Knowledge Master Open, where you can have as many kids as you want/need. So far, Miller has won first place in all of our competitions this year.

To get involved, just go to the Knowledge Bowl coordinator (Mr. Hise at Escalante and Mr. Garland at Miller) after school when they hold their club times. We meet Mondays after school. It is really easy to join, the hard part is answering the questions (what five-letter word gets shorter when you add two letters to it? answer: short ;) The next competition is this Saturday, but there is a parent meet where the parents answer questions April 30th, and then four of us (three eighth graders and a seventh grader) are going to Washington D.C. in June for the National Knowledge Bowl meet because we qualified through KMO.