Strykers Volunteer at Park Elementary Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser

Submitted by DOC on Thu, 05/20/2010 - 7:57am

Scott Emrich’s U13 Girls Durango United Strykers answered the call to assist with the Park Elementary School Cinco de Mayo Carnival.  The Carnival is Park’s primary fundraiser, and their social event of the season.  Many Park families, friends and community members came out to support the school and were treated to carnival games, freshly-spun cotton candy, throw-a-pie-in-the-Principal’s-face, and much more.  Throughout the halls, Strykers could be seen having fun while conducting the money-making events.  Natalie Youssef couldn’t believe how many cupcakes were made for the cupcake walk.  Emma Yeager and Bryn Joyner kept mini-fisherman happy with fishy prizes.  Kelly Perry got a splash out of the duck pond, and Fave Johnston cranked out bingo after bingo in the library.  Under the watchful eye of Coach Emrich, other Strykers assisting with the event included:  Laken Bennion, Brooke Ellis, Rachel Ensign, Ranier Ford, Koya Maniss, Leigh McDonald,  Jessie Ribera, Vicki Salinas, Emily Wieser and Shaylah Wood.  One Park parent was commiserating over how they could pull off next year’s event without the help of the soccer teams.  Don’t worry, as long as the Strykers are around, the Park Cinco de Mayo Carnival can plan on remaining a huge success!
- by Pauline Ellis (Stryker Team Manager)
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