DYSA Plays Soccer With Smarty Pants Playschool

Submitted by DOC on Wed, 06/01/2011 - 1:59pm

Durango, CO - On Monday, May 25, Durango Youth Soccer Association Director of Coaching Kate Stahlin met with the kids from Smarty Pants Playschool to participate in Soccer at Santa Rita Park. DYSA provided a bunch of little soccer balls, one oversized soccer ball and a some stand up cones. The kids dribbled the balls around knocking over cones with a pass or on the dribble. They also enjoyed shooting at a little goal. The highlight of the day was the oversized soccer ball. The kids from Smarty Pants range from 2-4 years old. Coach Stahlin, but really the soccer balls, were able to hold the kids attention for maybe 5-10 minutes then they were off to chasing birds, each other, playing at the water table, getting their face painted and then eating lunch! It was a fun day at the park.