Coach Email Week #1


Coach’s Email Week #1


Hello to everyone.  First of all, thank you for all of your support. Each week, time permitting, I will try to give you an update via email. In this email, I will address the past week (practice and game) and my plan/goals for the upcoming week.

Week one was super fun and great getting back on the pitch. We have a very strong group of 16 boys. Kate and I discussed the best way to handle 16 boys and we have come up with a plan. We split the boys into 2 teams. When we split these teams, we did it in a fashion so that we have two very strong teams. They are not set in stone. As the season progresses, if we need to make changes, we will. Both of these teams will practice together. During league play, each team will have a game scheduled for Saturday. When we attend tournaments, we will mix and match the teams so that the boys have some different opportunities to play and make memories with different kids. We are currently looking for co-coach that will be a great fit to our team. I anticipate that coach helping us very soon. Also, we will be getting some help from older players in the area. Going forward, I see lots of playing time for each boy and plenty of opportunity for each boy to improve his skills.

Practice…Our main focus this past week was getting ball touches. We also, concentrated on different ways the boys can communicate on the field. It’s important that the boys get used to our practice format. Each week we will try 4 or 5 different drills. We will introduce 2 new drills a week. By mid September, I hope the boys have some favorite drills and we can use those more often. The drills we are introducing are very versatile. Meaning, given what we are trying to accomplish, I might change some of the parameters of the drill to teach the boys different skills. Yet the basics of the drill will be understood so the boys wont get too confused.

I wish we could have played on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for showing up nice and early so I could get some pictures. Obviously, it was not safe to play.

This week…we will continue our goals to have the boys touch the ball and begin to get back into soccer shape. I am hoping to also spend some time encouraging some new friendships. It is very important to me that our boys recognize that they are