Coach's Email Week #3

BIG SMILES!!! We are so proud! What a great way to spend the weekend. The United and Gunners both put on a show. So happy and proud. We could not be more pleased with how the teams performed this week. Practice – great, Matches – fantastic.

Practice was amazing. The boys know what to expect at practice and what we expect from them. A special kudos goes out to Sam and Zane this week. Both have demonstrated great sportsmanship and have been fantastic team players. Both of the boys received a juggle net.

United week three, practice we continued to get ball touches. We also did some different drills that helped us to create space. In addition, we talked about what to do in the open field, after we create space. Against the U10 boys Saturday, we “held those boys feet to the fire and have an amazing team” quoting Danny U10 coach. I was so proud of how the guys played. Not once did anyone get discouraged and we applied non-stop pressure against an older very skilled team. I would like to point out that Harry and Elliot did a phenomenal job goalkeeping. All the United boys should be very PLEASED with their performance. This week we are going to concentrate on finishing.  I have some good drills on my practice board that will help us to learn…when to shoot, when to create space and finally how to make a strong precise shot on goal. - John

Gunners week three, practice went well on Thursday! I think the boys are getting use to me and I them. I have to step up what we have on the agenda for practice because these boys are very skilled and ready to be pushed. We had a great game on Saturday against a tall team. I had the opportunity to really see what position draws out everyone’s strengths. Zane and Evan did a phenomenal job tending the net for us and both play in the field just as well. I’m excited to head into this week with a clearer picture of what we can improve upon and have another exciting weekend game. - Janet

In closing, thanks again for being on-time, wearing practice jersey, bringing water and a ball. Anyone interested in goalkeeping, should check out the FREE Monday night clinics at Escalante and Riverside. 6pm – 7pm 9/12, 9/26, 10/10, 10/24

See you Tuesday…

John LeSage

Janet Mosher