U10 Chaos Volunteer at the Bloomer Sale

Submitted by DOC on Wed, 12/14/2011 - 11:19am

Durango, CO - The Colorado Chaos boys U10 team volunteered at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Bloomer Sale in November. The sale benfits United Way, Volunteers of America and Civitan International. Twelve boys volunteered for five hours carrying boxes to vehicles and passing out chocolate samples (yummy!). Not only did the boys help the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, but they learned great skills: how to approach a customer and ask if they need help carrying their boxes; how to be a spokesperson for their soccer team, DYSA, and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory sponsorship of DYSA; and what organization to donate "tips" they made during the volunteer hours. (Yes, people actually tipped the boys for carrying their boxes.) The boys made $65.00 that they voted to donate to Adaptive Sports. This was a great volunteer project and surely they will want to do it again! Thank you to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and the Colorado Chaos boys!