Update - Spring Season 2012 Week #1


Hope everyone is enjoying being back into the swing of soccer.

Week #1 – Weather was not our friend when it came to practice. Unfortunately, we missed our first two practices due to snow. Last week we were able to get two days in and one of those days I felt it best to end practice a bit early, due to rain and cold temps. Hopefully, the weather will be better going forward.

Practice – We worked on getting ball touches and getting back to our practice groove. Tactically we have adjusted our line up. My hopes are that all the boys will be engaged in the game at all times. Also, I am really wanting the boys to challenge themselves and play our of their comfort zones. They need to be able to play any position. This will benefit them huge in the long run. Kate says and I believe, “Some of the best forwards start as defenders and defenders as forwards.” We will be putting this to the test this season. This coming week we will continue to get ball touches, play some small-sided games and work on our fitness.

Game #1 – Win. The boys played phenomenal. They took to the new line up like ducks to water. Instantly, I noted our attacks on goal, involving 5 players - not one or two. Perfect! I anticipate the boys really fine tuning this as the season progresses. We will see them creating better opportunities to score. On a coaching note – You will notice me not giving much direction to the boys during play. They are at the point where they can make decisions without me helping from the sidelines. I want to let the boys steer their play and what we do on the field during matches. I will be looking to them for input.

I get so much enjoyment out of watching these boys mature both on the field and off. They are a special group of young men with all the soccer talent in the world. It’s so great to see them take care of one another both on and off the field. Special shout out to Austin, he was always looking to his team to help find the back of the net.  Saturday they all played very un-selfish soccer and I really took notice. Thanks for letting me coach them.

Once again – Thank you for getting to practice and games on time. Also, thanks for having the boys in their practice shirts, with water and a ball. Makes a big difference. Final note – we have added a game April 21st. We will play a double header that day in Durango.