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Sept 13, 2012 Demon Game and Update


So far, so awesome!!! The boys are doing great. Coach Cole has really been working on some individual ball skills. Don't be surprised if you see your son outside practicing "the snake" or the "the fake" etc. We have had some small challenges getting the boys to pay 100% attention. Not to worry, I think we took huge steps yesterday to help that. We move at a fast pace during practice and I think the boys are just figuring out - it is tons easier if they focus and pay attention. The team made some great progress with their focus yesterday and I bet that continues.
Our games last week were phenomenal. I am 42 and have been around soccer my entire life in one form or another. Giving Coach Cole credit where credit is due...I learned something last Saturday. Coach Cole taught the boys his 3S system. I was blown away and the boys took to it like ducks to water. The 3 S's (feel free to quiz your son :)) - divide the field into thirds. The back third SAFETY - middle third SIMPLE - front third SPECIAL. I love it. The boys understood it. The boys executed it beautifully. Really enjoyed watching that go thru their brains and come out their feet on the field.
Cole and I also wanted to mention that today the DHS Demons will be playing the #1 ranked team in New Mexico at 5pm @ Riverside. Currently, the Demons are ranked 9th in Colorado. It is going to be a great game and lots of fun to watch. I bet your son would love seeing that game!!!! hint hint.
Next weekend we have the COPA tourney here in Durango. SO FUN!!!!