DYSA Uniforms and an update from Sandy Bay Roatan

Submitted by DOC on Tue, 10/08/2013 - 1:50pm

An email from Mike Tichi, co-founder of Care4Communities


Hats off to you and DYSA for again helping make a difference in the world outside of Durango.  

Years after your donation, we continue to see hundreds of kids on a daily basis visit our court.  Without your donations I would still be on the island filling bottles. DYSA jerseys made the difference.  The children of Sandy Bay wear DYSA  jerseys proudly for helping construct an amazing sports court.  On a recent visit back to the court the children assembled and told me that they appreciate what my community has done for them and that the Mazapan Sports Court is now a home for them.   

Aaron Kloer visited the court this past June.  He spent two weeks working and playing with the kids.  He was a huge hit as not only can he play the game but he speaks spanish and is closer in age to those who call the court home.  We are beginning to plan another trip for Aaron and a few of his teamates.  

Mazapan is open 7 days a week.  We now have two paid employees who work on the court not only coordinating the activities and maintenance, but serve as mentors.  

Most exciting is the news that we are preparing to purchase the land that the court sits on.  Once the transaction is completed we will construct a school which will then allow us to broaden our scope of assistance to our athletes.

Anyway,  I just wanted to reach out and say thanks.  Would love to share with your organization about continued impact of what a few jerseys made in another part of the world.

Hope all is well.


Aaron Kloer is a member of the Fort Lewis College Men's Soccer Team