About DYSA

The Durango Youth Soccer Association (DYSA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the development of the sport of soccer in and around the Durango, Colorado area.

The purpose of the Durango Youth Soccer Association is to teach and promote the game of soccer, while providing competent coaching, adequate physical facilities and being a comprehensive soccer program. DYSA is committed to teaching and promoting the characters of sportsmanship, fellowship as well as the physical and mental health aspects that are associated with soccer.

Soccer Guidelines: This guideline is intended to serve as a template for an optimal soccer experience. Individual team results depend heavily on player and parent involvement.

Soccer Year: August through June

Fall playing season: mid Aug. - mid Nov.

Spring playing season: early March - early June

Club Fees:

  • U09-U12: $280
  • U13-U14: $330
  • High School: $305

**$25 Early Bird Discount - Registration form, medical release, picture and payment in by July 1**

**Family discount of $25 after full payment for first child**

**Child will not be registered without payment, request for scholarship or working out a payment plan with DYSA**

  U10U11 - 12U13 - 14U15 - 18
Roster Size 12 14 18 18
Ball Size 4 4 5 5
Game Format 6 v 6
8 v 8
11 v 11 11 v 11
Proposed # of games (includes tournaments)        
Fall 10 - 14 14 - 18 14 - 18 15 - 20
Spring 10 - 14 14 - 18 14 - 18 15 - 20
Proposed # Tournaments 1 per season 2 per season 3 per season 3 per season
First practice fall 2nd week of Aug 2nd week of Aug 2nd week of Aug 1st week of Aug
First game fall 4th week of Aug 4th week of Aug 3rd week of Aug 2nd week of Aug
Last game fall last week of Oct last week of Oct 2nd week of Nov 4th week of Nov
First practice spring 2nd week of Mar 2nd week of Mar 2nd week of Mar 2nd week of Mar
First game spring 1st week of Apr 4th week of Mar 4th week of Mar 4th week of Mar
Last game spring last week of May last week of May 2nd week of June 2nd week of June

Team Makeup: U10, U11, & U12 teams should be relatively equal in ability. U13-U14 tryouts are held and teams are split by ability into Competive 1 & Competitive 2. U15 through U18 teams are structured as participation allows.

Playing Time: U10, U11, & U12 teams should strive for equal playing time for all players. As players mature, playing time can be administered depending on effort and participation in practice. Playing time administered based solely on ability is discouraged. U13 through U18 teams should determine playing time on effort and ability of players. With continued maturity of players, team selection based on creating the best possible squad is encouraged.

Added Players: Mid-Year Added players would follow these guidelines:

  1. Create new team
  2. Add to 'Competitive Rec' roster
  3. Placement by Club Head Coach

Winter Season (Indoor League): This program is regarded as an extra soccer event. Costs for this program are independent and separate of base Club fees.

Player Pool Region: 'Competitive Rec' teams would normally pull players from Durango/La Plata County. 'Select' teams would pull the most qualified players from the Four Corners Region.

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