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Extra Training Opportunities

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Goalkeeper Training Fall 2023

Rio Rapids Durango SC will be implementing Age Specific Goalkeeping (GK) trainings. Every team is required to send players interested in GK to their age specific training. 

GK Director: 

Hayley Hollenga  ‭(719) 237-3097‬,  [email protected]

Dates: Sept 4, 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23
Time: 7:15-8pm
Location: Smith Sports Complex
Coach: Zac Keeler

Dates: Sept. 7, 14, 21, 28, Oct 5, 12, 19, 26
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Location: Smith Sports Complex
Coach: Katie Dunbabin

Dates: Sept 5, 12, 19, 26, Oct 3, 10, 17, 24
Time: 6:15-7:15pm
Location: Smith Sports Complex
Coach: Hayley Hollenga

This is an opportunity for EVERY goalkeeper to grow and improve as well as an opportunity for the club to develop more GK’s. GK trainings are designed to be one night of the week. The GK training may, or may not, be at the same time as your practice session. 

What to expect at age specific training:
Training should progress age group to age group.

May not see what they practice come through in games but that’s okay! Need to give them a chance to learn and play in game situations (SAFETY and FUN first).
Laying the foundation for: 

·       Stance & Ready Position

·       Positioning

·       Footwork (shuffle and the crossover)

·       Handling (contour catch & basket)

·       Communication (keeper & away) 

·       Distribution (bowling, volley, goal kicks)

Start to see what they practice come through in games. Still too early to specialize but probably have one or two full time goalkeepers. 
Footwork Exercises General Handling Techniques Emphasized

·       Positioning (Dynamic)

·       Handling (Side and High Contour) Ball kicked at different heights

·       Positional Play (Angle Arc/Vertical Positioning/Flank Positioning)

·       Introduction to Diving and Recovering. Focus on Low and Move to Mid-Level

·       Communication (contain, step, slide, back post coverage)

·       Distribution (back pass, punts, drop kick, throw –baseball vs sling)

·       1v1 Principles Introduces


Should see what you are coaching coming through in game.
Importance of agility training.
Coaches expectations should be clearly communicated (may differ from team to team).

·       Set/Ready Position (Back Set – shuffle, small hop, not backwards)

·       Handling (front smother, parrying)

·       Positional Play (starting the attack, Expanded range, 3 goals, inside vs outside penalty area, instep drive)

·       Diving (collapse and extension)

·       Distribution (mastering it, different types of balls & when, outlet with purpose on back pass)

·       Communication with Specifics (force in, force out, contain, no shot, block, wing, time, turn)

·       Introduce Set-Play Defense

Everything above plus more specific details
Strength Training Emphasized

·       Dealing with Crosses (catching, punching and organizing)

·       Dealing with back pass with pressure, giving good angles, distance and options. 

·       Communication and Leadership.

·       Play Over Distance. 

·       Set Play Organization

Qualities it takes to be a good GK:
Desire to play the position
Good hands….Ability to catch the ball in various situations
Ability to receive and delivery a ball
Confidence, ability to communicate
Athletic, quick, strong and agile
Mentally/Emotionally a strong and stable (pressure position)

How to identify a GK?
Athletic Ability (coordination)

When should they specialize?
Whenever the player wants. However, do not pressure the player into a position. Encouragement should be on the whole games. 
If starting early, still emphasize teaching the whole game first.
Technique starts first (young) and then as they age/progress you teach the tactics.

How do you develop leadership?
Let them take charge
Let them add input 
Let them help correct mistakes (self and others)
Let them watch other goalkeepers (part of learning what it should look like, sound like, etc)


Winter Goalkeeper Training 2022

This is an opportunity for EVERY goalkeeper to grow and improve as well as an opportunity for the club to develop more GK’s. We are very excited to hold these trainings at the Student Life Center at Fort Lewis College!

COST: $60

*Send check payable to RRDSC to 862 Main Ave #203, Durango, CO. 81301*

Winter SPEED 2022


We have an excellent opportunity this winter to provide sport-specific off-season training for RRDSC soccer players. The intention of the sessions are to combine and incorporate the functional / physical components of the sport with technical aspects of soccer skills into one format. The players will do 45 minutes of individual work and 45 minutes of small sided games. We are very excited to hold these trainings at the Student Life Center at Fort Lewis College!

(U9/10) Boys & Girls
(U11/12) Boys & Girls
(U13-15) Boys & Girls
COST: $80/player (Discount for multi-player families at $70/child)

*Send check payable to RRDSC to 862 Main Ave #203, Durango, CO. 81301*
Kate Kelly
RRDSC Director of Operations
[email protected]

Personal Training

For those who want one-on-one training or small group training.  We have several coaches lined up for personal training during the summer, in-season or off-season.  Many of our RRDSC athletes already participate in individual and in small groups trainings and have seen impressive ball skill improvement.  The cost for Personal Training will be based on the number of players in the group and fees will be paid directly to the coach.  You may put together your own group to train together or work one-on-one! Please contact the individual coach and set up a day and time to work out. If need assistance setting up training with coach contact RRDSC Admin Joanna Tucker at [email protected] or (970) 247-1177.

$30 - Individual training
$25/player - Group of 2 training
$20/player - Group of 3 training
$15/player - Group of 4 training

Available Trainers:

Jimmy Hall - RRDSC Director of Coaching:  [email protected] or (661) 496-9902
Hope Fredrick - FLC Assistant Women's Coach: [email protected] or ‭(970) 403-4941‬
Amanda Lopez - RRDSC Coach: [email protected] or ‭(970) 406-1001‬
Markus Lux:  RRDSC Coach:  [email protected] or (303) 905-9205
Kate Kelly - RRDSC Director of Operations:  [email protected] or  (970) 946-7719
Matt Steffens - RRDSC Coach: (505) 933-3655 or [email protected]
Joanna Tucker - RRDSC Director of Coaching: [email protected] or (970) 946-8601
Hawken Hanna - RRDSC Coach: [email protected] or (517) 242-4170

Goalkeeper Trainer:

Janet Mosher - RRDSC DOC: [email protected] or (970) 759-4971

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