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2024 Tournament E-Guide

Tournament Guide




Team Document Check-in Friday, May 10th, anytime between 4 -9pm in the lobby of  Whalen Gymnasium on the Fort Lewis College campus.
Directions to Whalen Gymnasium
*3 copies of official team roster
*individual player card for each player
*medical release form for each player


*Apparel vendors will be at FLC athletic fields, Smith Sports Complex and Escalante Middle School on Saturday and Sunday*

Scoring System

Tournament Competition Determining Winners:
a) Teams are awarded points on the following basis:
Six (6) points for each win Three (3) points for each tie Zero (0) points for each loss
One (1) point for each goal scored up to a maximum of three (3) per game
One (1) point for each shutout
Minus one (1) point for each player sent off or coach/team official dismissed 0-0 tie is scored as four (4) points for each team (3 for the tie, 1 for the shutout)

In the event of a tie in points at the end of bracket play, the winner for advancement or placement play is determined as follows:

1. The winner in head-to-head competition
Fewest goals against
Most goals for
Most total wins
Most shutouts
Goal differential
Kicks from the Penalty Mark – this may require that teams return to the field after the last game is played in the bracket. This may be mid-day, at the end of a day or before the games begin on Sunday at the discretion of the Tournament Director. **(See Note below)
A drawing by lots (As recommended by the Colorado Youth Soccer tournament manual)

** NOTE: In the event of a three-way tie at the end of bracket play, the winner for advancement or placement is determined as above, without consideration for comparison of head-to-head competition, to eliminate one team. Advancement for the remaining two teams is determined as above with consideration for head-to-head competition. This may require that teams return to the field after the last game is played in the bracket. This may be mid-day, at the end of a day or before the games begin on Sunday at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

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Spectator Reminders

*Please adhere to NO PARKING signs at Fort Lewis College campus. They will ticket!

*Tent/Awning Stakes are NOT allowed on SMITH FIELDS ONLY - this is strictly enforced. The other fields are OK for tents and awnings using stakes.

*No noise makers! This includes horns, cowbells etc. 

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Coach Reminders

*Home team wears light jersey, Away team wears dark jersey

*Winning team brings score card to Field Marshal Tent

* Heading is not allowed in U11 games. Heading is allowed in U12 games without limitations. If younger players are playing in a U12 bracket, the coach is responsible for advising the younger players on his/her team not to head the ball in accordance with the recommendations from U.S. Soccer. The referee will abide by the rules of the U12 bracket, regardless of the actual age of the players, and allow heading the ball unless both coaches agree (prior to the start of the game) to play by the U11 rules to disallow headers. It is the responsibility of the coach, not the referee, to advise players younger than U12 not to head the ball if playing in a U12 bracket. 

*Both coaches need to sign game card at end of game to verify scores.  If unsigned, it is assumed that the coach agreed to the final score. 

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Parking at Fort Lewis College

It is VERY important that at Smith Sports Complex & Fort Lewis College that you only park in designated areas. There is NO PARKING on the side of the road, the Frisbee golf course, or dirt lots. FLC police will ticket cars. Please only park in designated areas.

GAMES AT FLC: Parking is available north & east of the football field,  the Student Life Center, the Concert Hall and other areas around campus. It may require some walking to get to FLC athletic fields.


Concession Stand at Fort Lewis College

The Fort Lewis College Football team will have a concession stand at Fort Lewis College located in the north football parking lot. They will  serve pulled pork tacos and nachos, pre packaged snacks and  Coca Cola products.

Concessions at Smith Sports Complex

Concessions at Escalante Middle School

*Concession stand at Escalante will only serve Coca Cola products and bottled water. *

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Wishing you a safe and fun tournament!



·       We have Field Marshals placed at every field.   Our Field Marshalls are soccer- knowledgeable, mature, capable college Students/Players.   

·       The FM is responsible for the safety of the players, team officials, parents, volunteers, and REFEREES.  

·       The FM is responsible for the safety and condition of the fields. 

·       The FM has been trained and is available to answer questions, handle disputes, manage referees and trouble shoot issues.  They do not,  however, deserve verbal abuse from parents, coaches or team officials, and it will not be tolerated.

·       The FM has ultimate decision-making authority at his/her fields.

·       The FM has the authority to remove individuals from the premises and ultimately from the tournament for unsafe or disrespectful behavior or for non-conformance to the Field Rules. 

·       Please be respectful to your Field marshals and they will be respectful to you.   


·       We have many great referees this year and it is going to be a great tournament!  

·       Please remember that Referees are human and will make mistakes.   

·       Please watch what is said and how we speak to the referees, especially the young referees.  These young people have studied hard to  become referees and they gain experience with every game and every season, just as our young players gain experience playing the game of  soccer.  Verbal abuse will not be tolerated.  

·       Grievances should be taken the Field Marshal by the coach or team official.  FM and tournament officials will not overturn a referee decision;  however, the grievance will be taken seriously.  We can observe the referee and take appropriate steps as determined by a tournament official,  FM or Director of Referees.  

Tournament Apparel

T-shirt vendor located at Smith Sports Complex, Fort Lewis College Athletic fields & La Plata County Fairgrounds

Thank you for Donating Housing for Referees

*Thank you to these hotels for supporting the 2023 Centura Mercy Durango Shootout by donating rooms to house referees.*



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Are you a Referee?



[email protected]


Tournament Pictures

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Thank you for Feeding our Referees and Staff!



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